Sunday, July 09, 2006

All MSM's Horses

...and all MSM's men
Couldn't put Keller together again.

That's the bottom line to the blow-the-U.S-cover story on the financial tracking of terrorists published by the New York Times. Today's San Diego Union Tribune has an excellent article by Robert J. Caldwell on how the public isn't buying the NTY tapdance, in addition to the letters by Treasury Secretary John Snow and the verbose justification from the NYT Executive Traitor, Bill Keller.

Keller expends hundreds of words defending his agonizingly difficult decision to publish the non-story that supposedly everyone knew about. He makes the case that it was his duty to publish and our right to know, while simultaneously maintaining that the story was common knowledge.

I know. I'm confused on Keller's logic, too--but not on his motive. I'm completely clear on that, as are most Americans.

It doesn't matter how many flowery phrases you employ to try to flail your way out of hot water, Bill Keller. In your dedication to harming the Bush administration any way you could, you placed every American in peril. That was an acceptable price to you--but not to the rest of us.

So stop whining. You're compounding your already assinine persona. Accept reality. You screwed up, and the whole country knows it. If you ever grow the stones to face up to your mistake and apologize to the U.S., that would be some news that's fit to print.