Sunday, April 22, 2007

One of Each

Just as I have a daughter and a son, I now have male and female soldiers to support.

I'm very happy about the new addition.

Here's how my growing family of troops evolved: Soldiers' Angels recently issued me a new soldier at my request, since 1SG Rob is scheduled to head home by the end of April. I've already corresponded with my new troop, and he's already a satisfied customer in receipt of his first care package.

Preparations for the next care package were well underway when I received an e-mail from Sgt. Rob, telling me about a woman solider who has volunteered to stay on in Iraq past the end of her tour of duty. He supplied me with her name and mailing address and suggested that I consider supporting her.

Now, I ask you, dear readers--what lame excuse of a Soldiers' Angel is going to refuse such a request from her returning hero?

So now I have one of each, "a boy and a girl," to support with letters, cards, and care packages. I've always hoped that eventually I would have the opportunity to adopt a woman soldier. Shopping for her goody box is a little bit different, also a bit more fun. I just imagine myself "in the field" and can conjure up a pretty good scenario of stuff a gal soldier might want to receive.

Thanks to Sgt. Rob, I've got my wish for a woman soldier and a "family" of two troops to provide for. It's one of the many rewards of being a Soldiers' Angel.