Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Memory Hole

Arriving home from work this evening, I raced for my front door under sniper fire. No, wait. That was just some bees in the hedge--my mistake.

Anyway, once safely ensconced inside my home, I surfed the news and found this Jonah Goldberg offering that made me feel relieved. It appears I'm not the only one wondering why Barack Obama thinks he invented "race conversation."

Did anyone alive fifty years ago think they would ever see a black Secretary of State? One of his crackerjack staffers should remind Obama that we've had two, and Colin Powell was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff before he was Secretary of State. Today, we have a black woman as Secretary of State. And what about our current black Supreme Court Justice?

Justice Thomas is our second African-American in that esteemed position. Thurgood Marshall was first black to serve on the Supreme Court. Justice Marshall was appointed in June 1967 by Lyndon Johnson.

At that time, Obama was not quite six years old. No wonder he forgot about it.

Call me crazy, but I think that most thoughtful Americans today are fairly well squared away on the race issue. We don't need to be admonished and lectured by someone who feels he's carved the Rosetta Stone for an integrated Utopia. Especially when we now know the kind of hate-mongering he goes to church to hear. That's the kind of sniper fire that causes real damage and, as the Obama campaign is learning, is rarely forgotten by those it wounds.