Monday, March 19, 2012

A Quarter Century Past Dad

Today marks 25 years since my father died. Considering the fact that not only do I still miss him, but I also think of him daily, it’s safe to assume that this particular loss will be forever borne. I’ve concluded that, regardless of whether or not the parent is living, and be they good or bad, parental relationships are lifelong.

I’m amazed at how many everyday conversations we had that remain vivid in my memory. The extent to which his faith and values continue to shape my own attitudes and beliefs is also quite striking. The famous question “What Would Jesus Do?” is, in my mind, more often “What Would Dad Do?” Most likely, both men would recommend the same course of action.

Dad was a dear and devoted father, my first hero, friend, and teacher. But he wasn’t perfect. He had his faults, weaknesses, blind spots, and he certainly made his share of mistakes. Yet the positives far outweigh any negatives. As the years pass, I grow increasingly grateful for the father I had. I'm keenly aware that’s a gift not everyone gets to enjoy.