Friday, April 29, 2005

24 Hour Addiction

It's Friday night again. There's something about the arrival of the weekend that puts a block on my blogging. But I'll spare you another poem.

Pete and I are firing up the DVD player to watch Disc 2, Season 2, of the terrific TV show, "24." We are, both of us, hooked on this series.

It all started in January, when I tuned in on the midst of Season 4, currently airing. Then, my youngest brother, a huge fan of the show, sent me Season 1 as a birthday gift. We nearly went cross-eyed watching it. When we finished, we loaned Season 1 to a friend, who in turn became hooked. She is now renting Season 2 and giving us each 4-episode DVD to watch after she's finished and return to the store. For Season 3, we'll have to do the renting and let her watch next and return.

We're addicts. It's only right that we help each other out.