Saturday, April 16, 2005

"You Have A Marine"

That's what the e-mail told me, that I now have an adopted Marine to support through Soldiers' Angels.

I've loaded up on those wonderful $7.70 flat rate priority mail boxes that Alabama's state managing Angel, Joanna, kindly mentioned to me. The postal clerk who waited on me today was wearing a Marine Corps bracelet. I told him I needed "a few" of the boxes to get me started on care packages for my new troop. He hustled off to the back and returned in an instant with an armload of ten boxes. Grinning widely, he sent me marching with the order, "You stuff that sucker full!"

My first "sucker" is indeed full to bursting--M&Ms, Cheez-Its, hard candies, gum, shave cream, hand gel, sun block, powdered lemonade, and assorted other goodies. I've got to write my new troop a letter of introduction tonight, and then off his care package flies to launch my next Angel adventure.

I feel kind of like I did as a new parent. Excited, worried, protective, hopeful, and maternal. His package hasn't left the computer room yet, but my prayers for him certainly have.